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First mobile test solution for municipalities, hospitals and companies

Mobile Molecular Biology Laboratory

Safe sampling, (pre-)analytics and state-of-the-art qPCR technology, combined in a modular system: Molecular biological analyses of e.g. SARS-CoV-2 viral load or antibody detection in the shortest possible time with highly standardized workflow

Performance data

Maximum test capacity in the smallest space

Automated sampling

BSL2-compliant sampling and (pre-)analysis for qPCR and antibody screening

> 300 tests per hour

State-of-the-art extraction and SARS-CoV-2 analysis at the place of sampling.

On-site analysis by one-step qRT-PCR

Equipment with configurable, modern quantitative real-time PCR system

Advantages of on-site analysis
Sample quality

Sample quality not influenced by variations in storage or transport


Central laboratories have little scope for additional capacity

Results in real time

Early results prevent unnecessary re-infections

Specific methodology

On-site analysis enables the use of special technologies

Personnel expenses

Elimination of sampling, transport and storage logistics


mobiolab as an independent, functional unit

Modular, mobile test station for setting up a test infrastructure

Self-sufficient - or as an extension of existing facilities

Certified Technology

High quality laboratory equipment in a universal 20ft ISO container

mobiolab is the result of intensive cooperation between experts in the construction of container-based facilities and the operation of molecular biology laboratories. The mobiolab represents a fully functional laboratory operating in accordance with BioStoffV safety level 2. Optional pressure gradients ensure safe operation under various conditions.

Developed in Germany - ready for use worldwide.

Thanks to its ISO-certified design, mobiolab is flexible and standardized for worldwide transport. The optional photovoltaic module enables autonomous "off-grid" operation without power supply and secures the cold chain during transport.

CE/EN-ISO norms and standards for BSL2 laboratories fulfilled
Extract of services based on a current example

Services of a mobiolab in the Corona crisis

Virus load

>1000 qPCR analyses per 8h-shift

IgG • IgA/M

> 1000 rapid antibody tests / day


Simple, intuitive workflow


Shortest sample-to-bench time

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Freedom, security and health in everyday life

Examples of use of the mobiolab

Loss of production
Regular personal / environmental monitoring enables effective personnel and production planning.
Infection prevention
Detection of infections for epidemiological purposes. Made possible by location-independent testing.
Freedom of travel
Rapid detection of SARS-CoV-2 contaminated transport media (rail, air, rental vehicles) 
Employee protection
Protection of the workforce through mobile testing at the workplace and monitoring of in-house infection rates.

Open platform - future-proof and flexible

Analytics without limits
Molecular biological detection of various pathogens
Cost-efficient analytics
No binding to specific reagents / manufacturer / devices
Environmental Analysis
Specific detection of even fewer molecules thanks to quantitative PCR
Future threats
Fluorescence-based qPCR, suitable for the detection of future or mutated pathogens
Highest test performance
Superior to AK tests in terms of accuracy and sensitivity
Mobile infrastructure
mobiolab brings the analytical gold standard of molecular biology to the scene of action (POC)!

Biomonitoring: detecting contamination in real time

By far the most important measure against viruses like SARS-CoV-2 is intensive testing. The regular inspection of surfaces at workplaces, medical devices or other objects for contamination with SARS-CoV-2 virus load allows early detection of infections or contamination. Our highly sensitive PCR analysis thus protects customers and employees and ensures production downtimes.

mobiolab can deliver results from environmental monitoring / biomonitoring in < 45 minutes

Further questions & answers

How can mobiolab be transported?

Based on the international sea container standard, the transport can be carried out cost-efficiently by road, rail or ship, for example, after securing the transport. For international sea transport, however, special parking spaces must be booked on the ships due to the special equipment (windows, doors). Loading can be carried out with a standard crane, self-loading truck or forklift truck.

What are the solar cells for - where does the electricity come from in the dark?

mobiolab has an (optional) photovoltaic-powered "UPS" (uninterruptible power system). For a limited time, this can ensure the power supply in mobiolab even without connection to external power sources. Normally, energy should be obtained from an external power supply (230V, 10A, single-phase = standard 230V connection). If the mains power supply is interrupted, the internal emergency power supply, which is fed from two lead accumulators, kicks in. In areas of high solar radiation, self-sufficient island operation can be achieved without external power supply.

How can the safe handling of potentially human pathogens be ensured?

In the context of diagnostic analyses, e.g. detection of SARS-CoV-2 pathogens in human sample material, the correct classification of the pathogens in connection with the material (e.g. capable of reproduction) and the activities is decisive for the assignment of a protection level. In the case of molecular biological SARS-CoV-2 analyses, for example, the WHO considers protection level 2 to be appropriate. The mobiolab is equipped with the necessary requirements according to TRBA-100, TRBA-250, BioStoffV. In particular, a certified, tested biological safety cabinet is integrated that is approved as ready for operation after installation. This serves primarily for personal protection, but also enables UV-C mediated inactivation of pathogens and destruction of nucleic acid contamination. Under the safety cabinet, potentially infectious samples can be opened and processed and disposed of in accordance with hygienic techniques.

Which COVID-19 detection methods are used in mobiolab?

By far the most important measure against viruses such as SARS-CoV-2 is intensive but at the same time adequate, specific and optimal testing for the respective problem. The mobiolab provides state-of-the-art real-time PCR measurements on site. This method, which can also identify symptom-free carriers or even detect samples from environmental analyses / swabs of materials etc., is the most sensitive and "best" test method, although it has been reserved for a few stationary laboratories to date. Furthermore, tests of antibody titers can also be carried out, as the infrastructure required for sample handling is available.

How long does a measurement take?

After preparation of the sample, which can take between 5 minutes and approx. one hour depending on the method, a one-step quantitative RT-PCR reaction is performed, which takes between just under half an hour and a maximum of one hour, depending on the chemistry used. Clearly positive results, however, can often be identified after 15 minutes (depending on the viral load).

Besides the additional test capacity - what other advantages do I have with mobiolab?

Due to its mobility, the sample can be sent to the analytics immediately after collection. This advantage is of central importance with regard to the virus' genome, which tends to be unstable - and, at the investigator's discretion, also allows the use of even faster RNA extraction procedures, since long transport routes and pre-analytical waiting times can be dispensed with.

Currently we pay almost 100 euros for a test - what costs do I have with mobiolab?

Molecular biological analysis must - and should - not be expensive in times of crisis! If, for example, a protocol recommended by us, by the WHO, the US American CDC or even the protocol originally developed at the Charité is used, the material costs for a screening examination can be reduced to well below 5 Euros per test. With a sample volume of only 500 samples per day, 500 * 95 EUR = 47,500 EUR can be saved daily.

How are samples of persons or patients safely accepted?

The mobiolab has a "sample drawer", a drawer like those used at bank counters or night counters at gas stations. This is used for the safe, aerosol-protected exchange of samples. The assignment of sample to dispenser is done by mobiolab's own lab management system, which uses a QR code to be scanned at the counter to request optional anamnestic data and digitally merges the sample containers (optionally tagged with a QR code) with the dispenser. Samples that have been dispensed are displayed internally in the workflow of the Mobio-Lab for pre-analysis and PCR analysis and are available digitally for correct loading of the devices.
Samples can be taken either by additional personnel or independently following online instructions and under supervision.
Sample and personal data is recorded online and automatically via the mobiolab sample management system.

How many measurements can be performed per day?

Absolute numbers depend on many factors such as subject compliance, experience and cooperation of the staff and the method used (environmental analysis vs. human smears, extraction-based vs. direct testing). For example, the basic version can measure more than 90 samples in less than an hour, the next higher version can measure more than 380 samples in less than an hour. Using classical pooling strategies, several samples can be tested pooled by a maximum of 5 patients and can only be examined individually if the screening result is positive. This allows for further scaling, so that one mobiolab can easily process several thousand samples per day.

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