This is also the better alternative to making individuals pursue a 14-day quarantine prior to entry into a country, as many countries around the world have already implemented. Imposing such measures seem unnecessary when mobile testing units are available thanks to companies like Germany-based mobiolab.


mobiolab could also help ease border closure measures. As of mid-March, many European countries closed their borders, even to neighboring countries, in efforts to curb further infection. mobiolab’s containers could even serve to allow healthy individuals to travel in and out of countries.

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The world is currently grappling with one of the biggest global threats seen in our lifetime — COVID-19. Although there is strong evidence that many countries may have the virus under control, this does not mean that other countries have already experienced the worst of it.

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Berlin-based startup has developed mobile test solutions for municipalities, hospitals, and companies

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Safe sampling, (pre-)analytics and state-of-the-art qPCR technology, combined in a modular system