Covid-19 Testing at Airports Will Make Travel Safer as Tourist Destinations Across Europe Move Towards Reopening

May 14, 2020

First it was Italy, then it was Spain. And now it’s the UK. Although the pandemic is far from over, it has shown signs of weakening in some places, especially those that were most affected at first. For this reason, governments in places like Spain and Germany are easing their lockdown measures. And although an easing of lockdowns is necessary to prevent the EU from facing total collapse, this does not mean the virus has been done away with completely. On the contrary, there is a great risk of another outbreak. In fact, Germany's reproduction rate of less than 1 (the requirement to ease lockdown measures) has increased back up to 1.13 just this past Sunday.

As many health experts have unfortunately predicted, it is clear that Coronavirus might be here to stay for longer than we had hoped. But there is no need to panic. We must simply learn to live with the virus. And the sooner we acknowledge that this is the most likely outcome, the quicker we can rise against it with real solutions.

As summer quickly approaches and the initial strength of the virus lessens, some European tourist destinations are ready to re-open. Just today, Greece announced it will allow European and British tourists to visit Greece beginning June 1. Greece proposed that travelers should be tested for the virus or antibodies in their own country up to 72 hours before taking holiday. But countries like Greece, that rely heavily on tourism and will likely to open first, testing measures could even go a step further - airports should not rely on the traveler but should rather screen incoming passengers instantly. This is also the better alternative to making individuals pursue a 14-day quarantine prior to entry into a country, as many countries around the world have already implemented. Imposing such measures seem unnecessary when mobile testing units are available thanks to companies like Germany-based mobiolab.

mobiolab was founded to address this pandemic in the most constructive way possible - by making testing as simple, fast and convenient as possible.

mobiolab's transportable containers make testing possible just about anywhere, especially at airports and borders. Each container is equipped to carry out rea-time PCR virus testing as well as testing for antibodies. Results are available in less than one hour - usually only 15 minutes - and each container can adminster up to 7,000 PCR tests per day. This is a much more attractive option than a 14-day quarantine as well as having to visit a doctor in your own location - it is much more convenient to get a simple test done at the border, or at your local outgoing/incoming airport. Both options are ideal for everyone - the travelers as well as the residents of the travel destination. Safety and peace of mind for everyone is the best case scenario.

The mobiolabs are space-efficient, created in the design of a 20ft ISO container. A photovoltaic module, a battery bank and a conventional grid connection are available for the energy supply, with an emergency battery bank at hand.

Learn more about mobiolab and how these containers will bring us closer to a true solution at