mobiolab specifications

The molecular biology laboratory for decentralised sampling and analysis

Mobile. Ready for immediate use. Maximum cost efficiency.

WHO-compliant qRT-PCR analysis of e.g. SARS-CoV-2

Innovative design
Mobile, BSL2-compatible laboratory equipment in the design of a 20ft ISO container
Individual planning
Application-related equipment options, from simple environmental analysis to CE/IVD compliant medical diagnostics
Future-proof system
Universal application possibilities in biomonitoring or targeted IVD analysis, not only in disaster situations
Maximum capacity
Innovative, supervised sampling procedure and automated online acquisition enable a drastic increase in sampling capacity
Optional operation under overpressure, indirect personal contact and automated data acquisition ensure maximum personal protection for employees

Application areas and benefits of a mobile mobiolab laboratory

Public Health
Laboratory capacity
Expansion of existing laboratory capacity, creating own analysis capacity
Cost saving
Performance of qPCR-based SARS-CoV detection for a fraction of regular laboratory costs
Molecular biological contamination monitoring
Authorities & Governments
Civil Protection
Effective primary and secondary prevention
Rapid response
Identification of clusters, epidemiological monitoring
System Relevance
Ensure the operational capability of system-relevant functionaries
Production & Services
Employee protection
Protection of employees through targeted monitoring
No closures
Avoidance of plant closures
Ensure productions
Ensuring production capability through environmental and personal monitoring
Details on the structure and functionality of the mobiolab laboratory

Technical specifications

We need a fitness programme for the German economy that goes far beyond the stimulus package.

- P. Altmaier, Federal Minister of Economics

Components of the mobiolab

Biosampling area
Simple and safe sampling via safety drawer and optional "glove box" based on the Korean model
3-zone partitioning
HEPA filter system and air conditioning separation of the sampling area from the analytical area. This prevents contamination and achieves a functional separation of the working areas.
Directive-compliant personal protection
Integrated and individually approved safety cabinet with personal and product protection function according to safety level 2 BioStoffV
real-time PCR system
Available in three equipment versions, from basic version, CE/IVD-compliant system (96 samples / 45 min) to 6-color high-throughput system (384 samples/45 min)
Intelligent Sample Management
sample management system via QR code. Sample IDs are assigned to the personal data by scanning with a smartphone. The sample status can thus always be tracked in compliance with DSGVO. Data is stored exclusively on mobiolab servers hosted in Germany.
Emergency power supply
A photovoltaic module, a battery bank and a conventional grid connection are available for the energy supply. If the mains supply fails, the 230V power supply is maintained in mobiolab via the battery bank / photovoltaic (620 Wp).

Further Information

  • Transport routes to the laboratory: not applicable
  • Transport time to laboratory: not applicable
  • Transport personnel & logistics: not applicable
  • Time to test result: -95% shorter
  • Cost per test result: -90% less
In the context of diagnostic analyses, e.g. detection of SARS-CoV-2 pathogens in human sample material, the correct classification of the pathogens in connection with the material (e.g. capable of reproduction) and the activities is decisive for the assignment of a protection level. In the case of molecular biological (!) SARS-CoV-2 analyses, for example, the WHO considers protection level 2 to be appropriate. The mobiolab is equipped with the necessary requirements according to TRBA-100, TRBA-250, BioStoffV. In particular, a certified, tested biological safety cabinet is integrated that is approved as ready for operation after installation. This serves primarily for personal protection. Under the safety cabinet, potentially infectious samples can be opened and processed under observance of hygienic techniques and disposed of.
Cost per test
Molecular biological analysis must - and should - not be expensive in times of crisis! If, for example, a protocol recommended by us, by the WHO, the US American CDC or even the protocol originally developed at the Charité is used, the material costs for a screening test can be reduced to well below EUR 5 per test. 500 * 95 EUR = 47,500 EUR per day can be saved with a sample volume of only 500 samples per day.
Secure acceptance of samples
The mobiolab has a "sample drawer", a drawer like those used at bank counters or night counters at gas stations. This is used for the safe, aerosol-protected exchange of samples. The assignment of sample to dispenser is done by mobiolab's own lab management system, which uses a QR code to be scanned at the counter to request optional anamnestic data and digitally merges the sample containers (optionally tagged with a QR code) with the dispenser. Samples that have been dispensed are displayed internally in the workflow of the Mobio-Lab for pre-analysis and PCR analysis and are available digitally for correct loading of the devices.
Number of measurements per day
Absolute numbers depend on many factors such as subject compliance, experience and cooperation of the staff and the method used (environmental analysis vs. human smears, extraction-based vs. direct testing). For example, the basic version can measure more than 90 samples in less than an hour, the next higher version can measure more than 380 samples in less than an hour. Using classical pooling strategies, several patients, at least 5 patients can be tested pooled and only if the screening result is positive can they be examined individually. This allows further scaling, so that one mobiolab can easily process more than 1000 samples per day.

High quality laboratory equipment in a universal 20ft ISO container

mobiolab is the result of intensive cooperation between experts in the construction of container-based facilities and the operation of molecular biology laboratories.

The mobiolab is a fully functional laboratory operating in accordance with BioStoffV safety level 2. Thanks to its ISO-certified design, mobiolab is flexible and standardized for worldwide transportation. The optional photovoltaic module enables autonomous "off-grid" operation without power supply and secures the cold chain during transport.

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