VAXXITAINER by mobiolab

The mobile vaccination station, container-based and fully equipped for vaccinations

Mobile. Ready for immediate use. Maximum cost efficiency.

Container-based vaccination center with high throughput

Innovative design
Mobile, fully equipped vaccination center in a 20ft ISO Container design
Ultra deep Freezer
Thanks to the built-in high-performance refrigerator, mRNA vaccines, for example, can be stored at temperatures as low as -85 degrees Celsius (-121 F)
Future-proof system
Broad application possibilities for vaccination, testing, or targeted IVD analysis, not only in disaster situations.
Maximum capacity
Innovative, supervised patient workflow and automated online enrollment allow for a unpresidented increase of vaccination capacity at the point of care.
Industrial air disinfection systems, indirect personal contact and automated flow management ensure maximum personal protection for employees
Details on the structure and functionality of the mobiolab laboratory

Technical specifications

We need a fitness programme for the German economy that goes far beyond the stimulus package.

- P. Altmaier, Federal Minister of Economics

Components of the Vaxxitainer

Intelligent throughput management
Patients are automatically prompted to enter the 20-foot vaccination container one after the other - and to exit on the other side after vaccination is complete.
3-zone layout, handicapped accessible
The Vaxxitainer consists of a central corridor and two vaccination booths on the right and left, each with an entrance door and an exit door.
Air filtration and high performance refrigerators
Several high-quality and laboratory-certified air purification filters ensure complete air exchange. High-performance medical refrigerators ensure professional storage of temperature-critical mRNA vaccines (-85 degrees Celsius, -121 F). Furthermore, appropriate facilities for storage and disposal of PPE are provided.
Post-vaccination control
Our system also offers the possibility to observe patients after vaccination (approx. 30 min). We also have a system for automated patient information.
Emergency power supply
A photovoltaic module, a battery bank and a conventional grid connection are available for the energy supply. If the mains supply fails, the 230V power supply is maintained in mobiolab via the battery bank / photovoltaic (620 Wp)

Further Information

- Centralized, automatic patient registration
- Automated access control system
- Double vaccination cabins
- Ultra freezing system (mRNA vaccine)
- Fully automated UV air purification
- Versatile application possibilities: Family practices, medical centers, hospitals, public vaccination facilities
- Access for handicapped people
- Easy scalable due to modular construction
- Optimized workflow, 140 vaccinations/ 8 hour shift with 3 employees
- 2000 vaccinations per week per station
- Also suitable for sampling (antigen, antibodies, qPCR)
- Easy to integrate into mobiolabs mobile laboratory conceptsTranslated with (free version)

The Vaxxitainers are currently in pre-production and all data sheets and specifications will be published shortly. If you are interested, please contact us at any time - we will be happy to advise you on equipment and prices.
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High quality laboratory equipment in a universal 20ft ISO container

mobiolab is the result of intensive cooperation between experts in the construction of container-based facilities and the operation of molecular biology laboratories.

The mobiolab is a fully functional laboratory operating in accordance with BioStoffV safety level 2. Thanks to its ISO-certified design, mobiolab is flexible and standardized for worldwide transportation. The optional photovoltaic module enables autonomous "off-grid" operation without power supply and secures the cold chain during transport.

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